Our e-poster tool allows attendees to browse through all posters. With an intuitive interface for zooming, swiping and searching. Attendees can even open the e-posters on their phone using a QR code.
Uploading E posters is easy. The poster is automatically available within seconds of the Presenter uploading it. This is how you deal with digital posters in the 21st century.

High Resolution

Submit ePosters with 4k resolution and benefit from the 200% zoom

Portrait or landscape

Regardless of portrait or landscape format, use the right Template

Easy Search

Attendees can search by:

Moderated or Self controlled e-posters

Large or Small Device

You can use the app on different devices:

Moderated E-posters

E Posters at your venue are customizable for exhibitors, presenters and general information.
Upload posters the same, simple way that speakers submit presentations onto the portal.


E-poster app

Speakers can create their own posters as single page presentations. After uploading, posters are available for display within seconds for attendees to browse.
New posters, or updated versions are just as simple to upload and make available.
The E poster portal is also available online, accessible anywhere for viewing or download.


E-poster publishing

E posters are available for viewing during or after your event, and are available for download as part of your media library.


QR-code scanning

Our E posters and programmes supprt QR codes. So attendees can view to whatever they scan on their devices. QR codes can also be used for easy access directly to event or business websites.


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