Our e-poster tool allows attendees to browse through all the posters. It has an intuitive interface for zooming, swiping and searching, so no instructions are needed. Attendees can even open the e-posters on their phone using a QR code. Uploading an e-poster is easy: Presenters upload a presentation with a single slide and the poster is automatically available within seconds. This is how you deal with scientific posters in the 21st century.

High Resolution

Submit your ePoster with a 4k resolution and benefit from the 200% zoom

Portrait or landscape

Regardless of portrait or landscape format, use the right Template

Easy Search

Search on:

Moderated or Self controlled e-posters

Large or Small Device

You can use the e-poster app on different devices


Moderated E-posters

Place e-posters in your venue that can be used by exhibitors, presenters or information personal. The content on the e-posters can be customized to effectively convey information to attendees.

Presentations or posters can be uploaded onto the portal and pages through on the e-poster using an intuitive interface for zooming, swiping and searching, so no instructions are needed.


E-poster app

Speakers can easy upload single page presentation posters into the portal and have all posters available and displayed on e-posters. Attendees can easily browse through available posters at the leisure, or search for specific speakers or topics.

Speakers can upload new or updated posters can have the posters available on e-posters displays or online, automatically within seconds. The e-poster portal can be available online, accessible anywhere for viewing or download.


E-poster publishing

Have your speaker e-posters published for view during or after your event, available for download or as part of your media library.


QR-code scanning

QR-codes can be used on posters, programmes or e-posters that will give attendees access to single e-posters, or the e-poster library, on their personal devices. QR-codes can also be used on e-posters to give attendees easy access to event or business websites.


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