Conference rooms

For the purposes of a Slidecrew event, a “room” is specifically for rooms that have sessions in them that require presentation management. So, when deciding how many rooms to include in the event creator, please do not include foyers, offices, rooms with E-posters only or the Speaker Service Centre, unless those rooms will also be hosting speakers giving presentations from either our Kiosk or Technician App.

The Rooms tab is under the “Core” menu, and lists all of the rooms for your event, with some details:

  • Order
  • Name – The label you are using for that room on the event programme
  • Parent – If a room is contained within another one, then it is considered its “parent”. Keeping this field filled in will help in avoiding double booking a parent and child room.
  • Room Type – Indicates whether the room is for on-site participants only, remote only or a hybrid of both. Currently, this is all the option does, but as more hybrid and remote features are built into Slidecrew, its functionality will expand.
  • Remarks – information about the room for staff and admins to take note of.
  • Style – The colours and images used to brand the devices for this room, are selected from options created on the Styles page.
  • Devices – Counts the number of devices allocated to that room.

Rooms Sidebar

Clicking on one of the entries will open a sidebar for that room, which will list the same information as above, but also includes session and device managers for that room.

Use the pencil and paper icon on the sidebar to edit the room details, and the three-dot menu to delete the room, or lock editing.

The same sidebar is accessible on the Programme page, by clicking the room name at the top of its column.

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