Session venue apps


Installing the required hardware

Installing the required hardware, interfacing with the AV systems (projection and sound) and establishing the network is no more complex than in any usual situations. Once up and the running, and throughout the courses of the meeting, presentation files are automatically transferred locally onto the drives of the laptop in the room. Once a file is on the local laptop, any drop in network connectivity cannot, therefore, interrupt the presentation. Slidecrew uses the computers native apps to run the presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, VLC, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)


Kiosk app

With Slidecrew Kiosk, we provide an intuitive user interface for presentations in conference rooms without the need for a video technician. The Kiosk app is versatile and can be installed on a laptop or tablet to easily be operated by the presenter, even from while behind the podium.

No matter the presentation format: the speaker will understand what to do.

A presentation can be started by simply touching the relevant time slot.


  • Simple presenter interface with next slide for Presentations & PDF’s
  • Presenter screen for control of video’s and websites
  • Supports multiple files per presentation
  • Time bar with the remaining time for the presentation
  • Messages to the speakers from the chair or technician
  • Touchscreen and mouse interface



Technician app

We can offer a full-service desktop app which will automatically download the right files and give the technician information about the session, presentation and file-format.
The files will be downloaded in a folder on the desktop and can be directly started from within the application. When a new version is available it is directly shown, making sure that the technician will always have the latest file available.


Moderator app

The moderator app gives the session moderator or chair a clear overview of the presenters, their presentations and their files. It also shows the remaining time for the active presentation.


  • List of all sessions and presentations in the room
  • Information about the speaker (including titles, affiliations and biography)
  • A countdown timer for the active presentation
  • Control buttons to adjust the times
  • Input field to quietly send messages to the speaker


Timer app

The timer app is a simple countdown timer with automated timing (from the programme) or time presets and can send pre-programmed or custom texts to the speaker.

It can show:

  • The current time (if no presentations are active)
  • The remaining time (either calculated from our database or a custom time)
  • Messages sent from the technician app


Name display

For that extra bit of class, displays can be placed in front of lecterns to show information about the presentation, including the name and details of the current speaker and topic details. Similar screens can be placed in front of the chairs’ desks showing their name and other information if required. All these details are controlled through the web portal and are automatically updated for each presentation, showing only the current, up to date information.


Timetable display

Because the system knows who is speaking in a room, a display can be placed outside the room that will indicate who is speaking. It will also show the details of the presentations and any upcoming presentations.

This will update instantly when any changes are made to the online program.

A typical configuration for digital room signs shows:

  • Session information
  • Current presentation and speaker
  • Program info and upcoming speaker
  • The screen can also be used as an overflow screen showing the YouTube, Vimeo or RTMP live stream


Sponsor display

Add value for your sponsors with dedicated logo screens in key networking area. You can even add a rolling display of sponsor posters to attract the attention of delegates. Delegates can download and open e-posters they’re interested in, by simply scanning a QR code.


Display Branding

All digital signage can be branded with custom logos and backgrounds to suit the requirements of your event and sponsors. This allows for a more personal or uniform appearance across all digital signage in your event. This also provides the opportunity for further sponsor exposure. Branding can be applied for the entire duration of the event, or per session, in the event of a day sponsor or if one of the sessions is a sponsored session.


White labelling

The white labelling options add an additional level of flexibility for resellers and direct customers. Slidecrew gives you freedom of choice. Slidecrew wants to help you boost the visibility of your brand. We now offer rebranding and white labelling of the slidecrew presentation management system. Use Slidecrew white labelling to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Some of our customers provide all-in-one solutions for their conferences. We offer an option for seamless integration into those systems. For an extra fee, we can remove all the Slidecrew branding from the web portal and the software. It gives you the luxury of choice.

Available Option:

  • Logo Rebranding – Replace Slidecrew  logo
  • Custom domain – Change from [name] to [name].[company].com (our most popular white label feature)
  • HTML/CSS Rebranding – Modify button colors, borders, font colors, font size, and much more
  • Remove all references and links to Slidecrew


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