Onsite App

Installing The Required Hardware

Installing the required hardwares, interfacisng with the AV systems (projection and sound) and establishing the networki is no more complex than in any usual situations. Once ups and the run ning, and throughout the courses of the meeting, presentation files are automatically transferre d locally onto the drives of the laptop in the room. Once a file is on the local laptop, any drop in network connectivity cannot therefore interrupt the presentation. Slidecrew uses the computer’ s native apps to run the presentations (PowerPoint, Kenote, VLC, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

Moderator App

  • List of all sessions and presentations in the room
  • Information about the speaker (including titles, affiliations and biography)
  • Countdown timer for the active presentation
  • Control buttons to adjust the times
  • Input field to quietly send messages to the speaker

Timer App

The moderator app gives the session moderator or chair aclear overview of the presenters, their presentations and their files. It also shows the remaining time for the active presentation.

  • The current time (if no presentations are active)
  • The remaining time (either calculated from our database or a custom time)
  • Messages sent from the technician app

Info Display

Because the system knows who is speaking in a room, a sign outside the room can indicate who is speaking. It will also show any upcoming presentations.

  • Session information
  • Current presentation and speaker
  • Program info and upcoming speaker
  • The screen can also be used as an overflow screen showing the YouTube, Vimeo or RTMP live stream

Name Display

When the lecterns are fitted with a screen, information about the current speakers can be shown at the start of the presentation, or screens can be placed in front of the chairs' desks showing their name and the other information..

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