Slidefair – virtual fair and conference

Slidefair virtual platform is a highly detailed modular and scalable 3D event complex that can be navigated with ease. This innovative virtual platform showcases the sought after aspects of a fair or conference in a customisable virtual space. Have presentations, exhibitor stands, networking and meeting rooms or even a virtual bar, stage and disco lights and explore it all with your online avatar.


Networking and social participant interaction

Slidefair virtual platform incorporates social areas such as seating areas and meeting rooms that encourages participant interaction and networking in a professional or social setting. Each avatar enters the platform through an area outside of the virtual conference building. This area mimics an outdoor courtyard with bench areas with chat capabilities for social interaction, trees and conference branded signage leading to the main entrance of the conference building. Once the participant enters the virtual conference building, they enter the main conference hall that is customisable to the conference needs. The entrance hall can include a main information desk with conference staff integration, seating areas for networking, a bar area for social interaction or even a stage and dancefloor for discos. The main hall can be branded to the conference requirements and forms the central thoroughfare to other virtual spaces such as the exhibition and presentation halls


Customisable venue and branding

The virtual platform gives organisers the freedom to customise their event. From number of exhibition halls, exhibitor stands, meeting rooms and presentations rooms, to event branding and sponsor visibility. Colour or brand your virtual venue to meet your requirements, from the colour or images on the walls, floors, branding banners and signage displays, to the style of your seating and social areas.


Exhibition halls

The modular platform is flexible to allow for a custom number of exhibition halls and stands. Allow exhibitors to book and customise their virtual exhibition booths to create an attractive advertisement for their company with the use of the stand creator application. Place desks with computer screens that can display websites, stands containing pdf brochures or large screens on the walls to display videos to attendees. Attendees can save items to their goodie bags to be sent directly to them after the event. Company representatives can interact directly with attendees and each stand can include a meeting room for video chat, both public and private if the room is locked.


Presentation halls and meeting rooms

The modular platform allows for you to choose the number and size of presentation halls required for your event. The virtual presentation halls gives attendees the opportunity to attend virtual presentations with live interaction with presenters and visible presence of other participants. Enjoy the attractive virtual environment of the conference room with all the advantages of a physical presentation hall, including branding and sponsor visibility options.

Alternatively, doors from the main hall could connect participants directly to Zoom meeting rooms, or other company preferred platforms, for presentations or discussions.


Customise your avatar

Presenters, exhibitors, organisers and attendees create virtual avatars on login of the software platform. The software allows you to customize your avatar and provide business information that can be seen by other participants. Participants can identify others in the platform and initiate chat conversation or search for colleagues or acquittances while on the platform. Meet other participants and have one-on-one or group conversations with company representatives, exchange business cards and extend your professional network.


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