Speaker service center

The speaker service centre or speaker ready room forms the very heart of your conference event, the centre of all communication and where all your time planning turns into the event you had hoped it would be. As an organiser, it is important to you that this process runs smooth and effectively and that your speakers are attended to quickly.

In the Slidecrew portal, we have created a page that is completely dedicated to the functions of the speaker service centre. When speakers arrive at the SSC, our team can easily find their details by typing their name into the system. We are immediately presented with their details and can quickly confirm with the speaker what presentations they have, what rooms they’re in and when.

All uploaded files are scanned automatically by the system to identify common issues, such as potentially problematic video formats, incorrect screen ratio or missing fonts. This eliminates 99% of typical issues ahead of time. Speakers can make any changes required or simply step through their presentation before confirming to our team that all is good to go. The system will also register whether or not they give permission for the presentation to be recorded and/or published as PDF.

Manage speaker and presentation information

Use the portal page and search for the speaker with a few letters from the speakers first or last name, then select the correct person to view the speakers details. Speakers can also be found by searching for their presentation title.


Once you have selected your speaker, the previously provided details that can be seen about the speaker and their presentation(s) including:


  • Speaker first and surname with title
  • Photograph of person
  • Pre-loaded presentation files
  • Speaker session times
  • Company/organisation
  • Presentation topic(s)
  • Contact information if provided


Update or alter speaker or presentation details

Already provided details can also be altered or updated, and additional information added, by the speaker service centre:

  • update personal information or add a photo from a camera step up at the speaker service centre or find one on the web
  • Upload new files or update existing files
  • Download pre-uploaded files
  • See file information summary and latest uploads
  • File scan: with detailed information for checking the file
  • Change name(s) of presentation, for instances of speaker changes
  • Add notes to the technicians or chair for during presentation or media library publishing
  • Add disclose forms or media released forms


Service center Queue

For larger conference we have the option to create a Queue, when it is really busy in the conference centre. This system ensures that speakers are not overlooked and attended to in a fair and constructive manner.


The queue system creates a waiting list, where the list order can be specified by speaker priority if necessary. This can be especially useful to ensure that speakers who are required to present sooner than others will receive attention before they are scheduled to present.


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