Speaker upload

Slidecrew offers a secure online portal where speakers enter all required details and upload their presentation and any other required documentation, such as e-posters and video files, in advance. The organisation or event organisers are able to review the files before it will be available at the event. Organisers are also able to keep track of who has uploaded content, and where there is no content available yet. Follow the step by step process from schedule to presentation.


Receive an email

All speakers will receive an email with one or more unique links, depending on the number of presentations, that the presenter can click on to upload their presentation files. The email will include all the necessary information required for easy upload instructions.

When clicked on, a browser window will open a ‘WeTransfer’ style page providing information about the presentation and a drag ‘n drop interface for the presentation file.


Upload your files

The speaker can upload one or more presentation files through the personalized upload-portal by simply dragging their file to the upload screen.

When a file is successfully uploaded, a confirmation mail will be sent to the speaker. This provides additional peace of mind that the files have been saved within the portal.

This process can easily be completed in the comfort of your own home.


Check and confirm your files

The event organizers can see in the web portal which presentation files have been uploaded. In case the organizers want to make changes to the programme, all the presentations and their files will just move along with the changes.

Slidecrew has developed an algorithm that automatically checks the presentation file for the number of slides, size ratio, images, embedded video files and if any unusual fonts are used. This allows both the event organizers and the technical staff to see if there are potential problems with the presentation file, which can then be addressed at the speaker service centre or by Slidecrew.


Replace if needed

If the presenter wants to upload a newer version of their presentation, they can do this by making use of the same link. The old version of the file will be archived and the new version will automatically be used for the presentation. This ensures that the presentation files used by the software and in the event are always the latest, up-to-date version.


Speaker check-in

During the event, there will be a speaker service centre where presenters can upload, check and edit their presentations. The computers available there are exact copies of the computers in the room. This ensures that there will be no compatibility issues.



It all comes together on stage where the speaker will have a perfect working presentation to ensure perfect performance. This presentation can be run from an easy-to-use laptop or tablet at the lectern with the use of the kiosk app, or the technician’s desk using the more advanced technician’s app.


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