Branding and Sponsors

Slidecrew gives you freedom of choice to help you boost the visibility of your brand, whether that is the branding of your event, increased visibility for sponsors or rebranding of slidecrew for resellers. We now offer event branding, sponsor displays and rebranding or white labelling of the Slidecrew software.

Allow Slidecrew to help you strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Event Branding

All digital signage can be branded by applying custom logos and backgrounds to suit the requirements of your event and sponsors. This allows for a more personal or uniform appearance to be present with all digital signage in your event. This also provides the opportunity for further sponsor exposure. Branding can be applied for the entire duration of the event, or per session, in the event of a day sponsor or if one of the sessions is a sponsored session.


Sponsored sessions

Slidecrew allows you to easily program the timing of each sponsor’s exposure according to particular sessions or days. Content, colour and layout are all customisable. Once set, displays will update automatically.


Sponsor display

Add value for your sponsors with dedicated logo screens in key networking area. You can even add a rolling display of sponsor posters to attract the attention of delegates. Delegates can download and open e-posters they’re interested in, by simply scanning a QR code.


White Labeling

The white labelling options add an additional level of flexibility for resellers and direct customers. Slidecrew gives you freedom of choice. Slidecrew wants to help you boost the visibility of your brand. We now offer rebranding and white labelling of the slidecrew presentation management system. Use Slidecrew white labelling to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Some of our customers provide all-in-one solutions for their conferences. We offer an option for seamless integration into those systems. For an extra fee, we can remove all the Slidecrew branding from the web portal and the software. It gives you the luxury of choice.

Available Option:

  • Logo Rebranding – Replace Slidecrew  logo
  • Custom domain – Change from [name] to [name].[company].com (our most popular white label feature)
  • HTML/CSS Rebranding – Modify button colors, borders, font colors, font size, and much more
  • Remove all references and links to Slidecrew


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