Portal Analytics

System Home Analysis:

The Slidecrew event management portal keeps track of changes and information added per user of the software. This allows organisers to view who is using the software, what is being uploaded and when.


The agenda view allows users to view a real-time overview of uploaded and checked files. It tracks the current progress of your conference, from schedule planning to presentation files provided by speakers. Easily view which sessions have uploaded and checked files from the dashboard. This view is for everyone to see and to follow the conference!


Analysis in System Dashboard:

Within the Slidecrew event management portal a Analytics page is available that provides data about session presentations, number of files uploaded and number of videos uploaded. The system also analyses the information uploaded and provides data such as the average presentation duration, average number of slides per presentation and number of presentations with images or videos. The system also records what number or percentage of presentations are uploaded before the start of the event, number of speakers who present more than one presentation and the number, or percentage, of presentations that are published after the event.


The system also provides a visual, easy to understand overview of uploads over time. This information is shown in terms of speaker uploads staff/administration. The system shows uploads over the entire duration of the event, from the time the system is active during planning, until after the final day of the event. The uploads per hour of the day are also shown, both by users and by the speaker service centre, showing what time of day your speakers and staff were most active on the system. A similar visual data graph is also available to show on which days downloads from the system where done, and the number of downloads per day.


Administration access:

Slidecrew maintains access to the system information at all times. This ensures that should there be any loss of data that needs to be recovered, Slidecrew staff can assist with this. Slidecrew access can also assist you find information in the event that you suspect a potential misuse of the system. Slidecrew system logging tracks every login, addition, change, upload and deleted date from the system and by which user these actions were done.


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