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Slidecrew is a presentation management system. In short, the system makes sure that a speaker’s presentation files are available in the right room at the right time. It creates a clear overview of all presentation and automates several tasks so that running around with a flash drive is a thing of the past.
For event organizers, please take note of the following steps:

Step 1: Import or exchange of data

Many event organizers have an event registration system, which contains data such as sessions, presentations and speaker info. We can easily import this data into our system using either Excel or an API interface. Of course, it is also possible to create your event from scratch in the Slidecrew web portal


Step 2: Delivery of the webportal

After the data has been imported, we give the event organizers access to the webportal. Here, they can make changes to the programme and start uploading presentation files.


Step 3: Setting up an upload invite mail for the presenters

Together with the event organizers, we create a personalized email that will be sent to every presenter. The email contains one or more links, depending on the number of presentations, that the presenter can click on to upload their presentation files.

Slidecrew sends the upload invite emails to the presenters at the agreed-upon time.


Step 4: Presenters upload their presentation files

Using the link in the email, presenters can upload their presentation files which are added to their presentation. They can do this by dragging their file to the upload screen. If the presenter wants to upload a newer version of their presentation, they can do this with the same link. The old version of the file will be archived and the new version will be used for the presentation. It is also possible to upload several files at once. For example, a PowerPoint and a video file.

A non-exhaustive list of files and presentation formats that we support:

  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote (mac only)
  • ODP
  • PDF
  • Google slides
  • Prezi presentation (online)
  • (Large) video files
  • Online videos and streams (such as Youtube and Vimeo)
  • Voting apps
  • Websites

After uploading, the presenters are invited to check their presentation at the speaker service centre, which is at the event.

It’s also possible to upload files directly from the webportal.


Step 5: Displaying uploaded files in the webportal and the automatic file check

The event organisers can see in the web portal which presentation files have been uploaded. In case the organisers want to make changes to the programme, all the presentations and their files will just move along with the changes.
Slidecrew has developed an algorithm that automatically checks the presentation file for the number of slides, size ratio, images, embedded video files and if any unusual fonts are used. This allows both the event organisers and technical staff to see if there are potential problems with the presentation file, which can then be addressed at the speaker service centre.


Step 6: Presentation-check in the speaker service center

During the event, there will be a speaker service centre where presenters can upload, check and edit their presentations. The computers available there are exact copies of the computers in the room. This ensures that there will be no compatibility issues.


Step 7: Starting the presentation in the room

For the computer in the presentation room, we offer two different software tools: a stand-alone version (for break-out rooms and sub-session rooms) and a technician version (for rooms with a technician).

Kiosk app (break-out room/sub-session, no technician)

  • The stand-alone version will automatically download all presentation files that are needed in the room.
  • The app will be controlled by the presenter.
  • The presenter will press on their own presentation and the presentation will start in full-screen mode.
  • (If available) A countdown timer will automatically start if the presenter starts their presentation.
  • (If available) The digital signage outside the room will indicate which presenter is speaking at that moment.

It is also possible to create a custom layout for specific sessions like sponsored sessions.

Technician app

  • The technician version will automatically download all presentation files that are needed in the room.
  • The technician will receive information about
    • A list of all presentations
    • Which files have been downloaded
    • If a presentation contains audio
  • The technician will start the presentation and hand over control of the slides to the presenter (who has a remote control).
  • (If available) The technician can control a countdown timer and send messages to the presenter.
  • (If available) The digital signage outside the room will indicate which presenter is speaking at that moment.


Step 8: Automatic generation of PDFs

Slidecrew can automatically turn presentation files into PDF files. (The PDF files are protected). The presentations can be made available online by either the event organizers themselves or automatically on the event website (through a script from Slidecrew). The web portal contains an overview of all the presenters that gave permission for this.


Step 9: Analytics

Throughout the entire process, we can keep the organizers up to date with a wide range of statistics, available in the web portal.


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