Presentation and ePoster Management for Conferences

Bring your presentation management to the next level with Slidecrew. Make presenting easy for your speakers, technicians and yourself.
Graphic showing various features of the slidecrew presentation managment ecosystem; the portal, the speaker service center or speaker ready room or slide service centre with self-service station and queue screen, technician using slidecrew apps, name screen, digital signage, eposters, stand-alone conference room with kiosk app, and organisers working in the portal

Let’s Organise Your
Conference Programme

Slidecrew software helps you manage your conference programme. It starts with building your schedule, or importing it from other apps. It help you with organising speakers (and e-poster submitters) and collecting their presentation files, ensuring the files are in the right place at the right time.

Conference Management Software and Event agenda builder for Conference Schedule Planners

Invite Your

Send an invite your speakers to upload their presentations files in advance. The system will collect their submissions and automatically check for file errors. Verify presentations and push the presentations to the conference rooms.

After uploading, the presenters are invited to come and check their presentation in the Speaker Service Center/Speaker Ready Room.

Give Attendees Access to Rich Content

With Slidecrew, you can enjoy the advantages of automated publication for PDF files, videos, and ePosters, seamlessly integrating them into your websites and conference apps (as an iframe). With our secure platform, collecting all the essential information your attendees seek in one  convenient location, providing them with a safe browsing experience. Elevate engagement and knowledge sharing with Slidecrew’s innovative technology today.

Slidecrew on-site e-poster app. Digital poster stations with touchscreen, fully interactive, zoom, pinch, qr, scan with phone, download

Let your attendees interact with ePosters

Discover seamless interactivity with our on-site digital poster boards. Explore high-definition e-Posters, easily searchable and presented in both portrait and landscape modes. The Slidecrew e-poster app is best used on touchscreens, and make browsing and presenting of moderated posters a breeze.

Using the Slidecrew e-poster app is as easy as ordering a Big Mac at the McDonalds self-service kiosk.

Conference Packages

Slidecrew offers comprehensive packages that cater to all aspects of presentation management, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for organizers, speakers, and attendees. Whether you are part of an organising committee, a PCO, a project manager at a venue, or work at an AV company, Slidecrew has the solution for you. Choose the right package for your congress or event and experience seamless and efficient presentation management. Elevate your presentations and engage your audience with Slidecrew today.

Basic Plan
Starting at € 99

Ideal for small conferences with only a few presenters, this option offers functionality and affordability. Including an event management portalspeaker upload & the Technician App.


Pro Plan
Starting at € 199

Tailored for small to medium events, the Pro package has all the features for organising a stress-free event of the Basic plan, plus additional functionality. Such as sponsored sessions, portal analytics, Excel schedule import, Publishing for up to 3 months & the Technician App.

Premium Plan
Starting at € 299

An all-inclusive package for organising events of any size. This plan comes standard with all the Apps, E Posters, Real-time Digital signage, API or excel import, and up to a year of media library publishing you need for a truly premium conference experience.

Past conferences held with Slidecrew

At Slidecrew, we take immense pride in our track record of successful conferences and events. Our platform has empowered numerous organizations to host engaging, and information-rich gatherings. We invite you to explore some of our past events and discover the impressive results they achieved.


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