Slidecrew’s presentation management platform

Slidecrew’s presentation management platform provides all the tools required to manage the presentation workflow. It streamlines the collecting, checking and distribution of presentation files (PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi/PDF) for any conference or meeting size. Slidecrew is primarily a cloud-based system, as a result, your files are available from anywhere in the world and the software infinitely scalable.

Slidecrew is rich in features, completely robust and straightforward to use whether by an AV operator, conference organiser or directly by the speaker.

Typical workflow

Conference agenda and speaker list is imported to Slidecrew

System generated personalised emails are sent to presenters with URL links to the file upload portal

Files are stored on a secure cloud server

Organizers can easily track progress and status of uploads by referencing the online programme analytics features

On-site the speaker check-in process is streamlined by giving operators and speakers immediate access to any uploaded files

Once checked, the up-to-date files are automatically distributed to the appropriate PC in the meeting room

The Slidecrew software can easily be controlled by speakers, moderators or technicians

Presentation PDFs or e-posters can be published automatically

Slidecrew features allow you to drive any timetable displays, name displays, moderator displays and countdown timers with message systems in each room

E-posters provide an interactive display for attendees to gain more information during poster viewing sessions

Speaker upload

Slidecrew offers a secure online portal where speakers can upload their presentation and any other required documentation, such as e-posters and video files, in advance. This eliminates the risk of misplaced storage devices and transferring files last minute.



Event management portal

The presentation portal allows you to accurately schedule your meeting or conferences, sending personal invitations to your speakers for uploading their files. Manage presentation or video files and last-minute changes seamlessly.



Branding and Sponsors

All Slidecrew software and digital signage can be custom branded with logos and backgrounds to suit your business, event or sponsors needs.



Speaker service center

Speaker service centre gives your speakers that peace of mind, knowing that should there be any errors in their file upload it will easily be addressed and resolved immediately upon contact with the SSC.



File checking

Slidecrew has developed an algorithm that automatically checks uploaded files for common file and upload errors and displays the results and errors found, minimising the risk of faulty files during presentations.



Session venue apps

Software that allows all files and media to be distributed and controlled through session venue applications with ease. Make changes to your programme on the fly, and have the changes automatically reflected on your digital signage and programme.




Our e-poster tool allows attendees to browse posters for an event at their leisure, or for vendors, exhibitors and smaller presentation sessions to have moderated posters. The intuitive interface makes it easy to zoom, swipe and search. No instructions needed.



Publishing and Media library

Recorded presentations, e-poster and documents can be published on your own event website or made available using the Slidecrew media library. Browsing content post-event is easy.



Portal Analytics

The Slidecrew event management portal keeps track of changes and information added per user of the software. This allows organisers to view who is using the software, what is being uploaded and when.



Slidefair – virtual fair and conference

Slidefair virtual platform is a highly detailed modular and scalable virtual 3D online event complex that is fun and easy to navigate and use. This innovative virtual platform showcases the sought after aspects of a fair or conference in a customisable virtual space. Have presentations, exhibitor stands, networking and meeting rooms or even a virtual bar, stage and disco lights and explore it all with your customisable online avatar.



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