Plans & Pricing

We offer different packs adapted according to the needs of your event, and in order to get it to adapt as best as possible to these, you can add extras and make your event.

Affordable Packages

When you create your event you can select the plan that best suits your needs. This may be modified by another plan that better suits your event once created.
Get your budget here by selecting the plan you want for your event and add the necessary extras.

Basic Plan

€49/1 time

Ideal for small conferences with only a few presenters, this option offers functionality and affordability. Including an event management portal, speaker upload & the Technician App.

Pro Plan

€149/1 time

Tailored for small to medium events, the Pro package has all the features for organising a stress-free event of the Basic plan, plus additional functionality. Such as sponsored sessions, portal analytics, Excel schedule import, Publishing for up to 3 months & the Technician App.

Premium Plan

€249/1 time

An all-inclusive package for organising events of any size. This plan comes standard with all the Apps, E Posters, Real-time Digital signage, API or excel import, and up to a year of media library publishing you need for a truly premium conference.

Define your Package

Add more days, rooms, e-posters and abstracts as needed in your event.

Select the number of rooms and days that your event will have. All plans start with 1 room and 1 day, but more rooms can easily be added by moving the slider.

*The price of these packs is the same for all Slidecrew plans.





1 Rooms for 1 Days: € 50

Add interactive E-Posters to your event so that your attendees do not miss any information about your event.

*The price of these packs is the same for all Slidecrew plans.


€125/100 E-posters

0 E-posters: € 0


Now also, add the option to import your event data from other spaces to your event in Sliderew with a spreadsheet.
Find more information about the extras on our Step by Step page.

If you would like to have an experienced person at your event, select onsite support.

*Depending on availability, setup day is included

Onsite Support


0 Persons for 1 Days: € 0

With this extra you will be able to import the information about your event previously created in a spreadsheet to it, and the content will be created according to the parameters added in each block of the sheet. Check the accepted formats here.



Import: € 0

Remove the slidecrew branding from your portals, apps and interfaces.



Whitelabel: € 0

Total Price: € 0

Prices are excluding VAT

Custom Extras

If you need a special service for your event such as on-site technical support or the creation of an API for your Slidecrew space, tell us what you need. With this request, someone from Slidecrew tecnical service will contact with you and help whit your request.

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    New Slidecrew Update

    The Actual Version is: Slidecrew 1.16

    Version 2.0 beta coming soon
    We are hard at work developing version 2.0 of our system. This will have most of the features you already know but with improved user experience design. In addition, we are working with new technologies such as live updates and local servers.

    Expected: July 2023

    This improvement was suggested by Felix Zwinkels, CEO of Slidecrew on June 2022.