Realtime-Time Conference Management

Stay informed and in control with Slidecrew’s conference management tools:

Imports and Exports: populate your event portal from a spreadsheet with the click of a button, or export all programme information to excel.

Event Selector: switch between multiple events with 2 simple clicks.

Your Conference Timebable, Visualised: Get an interactive overview of the rooms, sessions, file status, presentations and people for your event, at a glance, with our sleek colour-coded Programme page.

Schedule Builder: Create, customise or make last-minute changes to your event schedule, like session times, speaker details, notes and room assignments.

API Integration: Connect Slidecrew seamlessly to your, website, event or digital signage platform, Vmix/Streaming service, or other tools using our Open Application Interface for full integration.

Identify Potential Issues: Quickly spot potential file errors or conflicts in your timetable to ensure well-organised events, sessions, speakers, and presentation files.

Event Styling and Customization

Make every event with Slidecrew yours, with custom branding options for organisers and sponsors.

Event Styling: Customize the appearance of your Slidecrew apps to match your conference branding or create dedicated styles for sponsored sessions and industry symposia.

Event Management Dashboard: Check activity logs, statistics, upcoming sessions, the Speaker Ready Room queue and recent uploads, all in real-time, from your personal dashboard.

Custom Data: Add new data fields to rooms, sessions, presentations, or users with our Custom Data module, for when the default is not enough.

Streamline Email Communications for your Conference

Our email templates and automated campaigns empower organizers to create and schedule personalized emails, including:

Presenter and moderator email lists: generated automatically from event portal data.

Reminder Emails: Send reminders to presenters who have not yet submitted their files.

Filter options for email: Other options for filters are also available, such as publishing permission status, missing disclosure slides or custom data fields.

Email Statistics: email performance is tracked in real-time statistics for each campaign, including delivery and open rates.

screen with agenda infografic  computer screen with
screen with agenda infografic  computer screen with

Upload page for speakers and moderators

Presenters and moderators receive a link via email to a personal page with an overview of their sessions, including forms, file previews for moderators and file upload options for presenters.

Unique Speaker Upload Links: emails contain links to upload pages unique to each presenter that adapt to changes in the schedule, where they can manage, add or delete their files.

Moderator Notifications: emails can also contain a link with an overview of assigned sessions and PDF previews of slides for moderators.

Speaker Agreement and Release forms: can also be filled in by presenters and moderators on their page.

Speaker Ready Room Apps for file checking, and making changes

Our software helps you manage a busy Speaker ready room with ease.

Self-check-in stations: let speakers review, edit, upload or practice with their files, while moderators get an overview of their sessions.

Queue Screen: Guides presenters to their check-in station, and tracks those still waiting.

Scan tool: as each file is uploaded to your event portal, our file analysis tool highlights common issues, like non-standard fonts and embedded links.

Forms and File Upload: presenters are walked through the process of uploading their files and filling in any outstanding froms.

Presenters checking their own presentations at the Slidecrew speaker ready room quick station self-check

Conference Room Apps

We use a suite of on-site apps, linked through your event portal, to manage files, timers and room signage. Putting custom tools into the hands of your moderators, technicians, speakers and organisers.

File distribution Apps

The Kiosk and Technician Apps automatically download the latest presentation files to the room.

Room Timer Screen

When a presentation starts, a countdown timer automatically begins for that presentation, with a single click.

Moderator App

provides session and file overviews for the room, as well as timer controls for session chairs.

Room Signage

displays upcoming sessions and presentations, updating in real-time.

Interactive E-Posters

Our eposter app lets attendees browse high-quality content on-site.

Simple poster Submission: authors use the same easy upload process as presentation files, with new posters displayed within seconds of upload.

High-Quality Content: E posters are shown as high-resolution images, fitting high-definition screens in portrait or landscape for both moderated poster sessions, or for attendees to browse.

Intuitive interface: searching, zooming and swiping through E posters is made easy for attendees with simple touch-screen interactions and a QR code to view posters on their own devices.

Presentation Management and Automatic File Publishing to Your Website

Upload, organise, review and approve presentations files, all from within your Slidecrew portal, then show approved files to your event website with our publication feature.

Manage files in multiple formats, including: PowerPoint, PDF, videos, and Keynote.

Automatic publishing: uploaded videos and PDFs converted from presentation slides are available on your publications page, with event branding and search functionality

Publish PDFs and videos straight to your conference website: Slidecrew publishing pages fit seamlessly into your website and can be embedded as an iFrame.

Local Caching Server

Enjoy peace of mind and smooth collaboration with our new on-site caching server, ensuring undisrupted operation during short internet outages and other benefits, like:

Robust database caching as well as greatly reduced internet speed and cost requirements.

Lighting fast up- and download speeds over your local network for both meeting rooms and your Speaker Service Centre.

Optimized data retrieval and processing.

File version control.

Slidecrew for any Device

Our browser-based event portal is adapted to give you the power to manage your event from any device from desktop to tablet or mobile. On-site Apps are available for both Windows and OSX.

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