Branding and Sponsors

Slidecrew gives you freedom of choice to help you boost the visibility of your brand, whether that is the branding of your event, increased visibility for sponsors or rebranding of slidecrew for resellers. We now offer event branding, sponsor displays and rebranding or white labelling of the Slidecrew software.

Allow Slidecrew to help you strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Speaker upload

Slidecrew offers a secure online portal where speakers enter all required details and upload their presentation and any other required documentation, such as e-posters and video files, in advance. The organisation or event organisers are able to review the files before it will be available at the event. Organisers are also able to keep track of who has uploaded content, and where there is no content available yet. Follow the step by step process from schedule to presentation.


Publishing and Media library

Give your attendees access to the presentations, e-posters and recorded sessions online with the use of the media library module. Let your attendees view event content at their leisure after the event for from after a session has been presented.

Our analytics allows you to keep track of which presentations, e-posters or recorded sessions are viewed and what topics are more popular.


Our e-poster tool allows attendees to browse through all the posters. It has an intuitive interface for zooming, swiping and searching, so no instructions are needed. Attendees can even open the e-posters on their phone using a QR code. Uploading an e-poster is easy: Presenters upload a presentation with a single slide and the poster is automatically available within seconds. This is how you deal with scientific posters in the 21st century.

High Resolution

Submit your ePoster with a 4k resolution and benefit from the 200% zoom

Portrait or landscape

Regardless of portrait or landscape format, use the right Template

Easy Search

Search on:

  • Author
  • poster number
  • poster title

Moderated or Self controlled e-posters

Large or Small Device

You can use the e-poster app on different devices

  • Apple iPad (-pro)
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Multi Touch screen with Windows PC


Session venue apps


Installing the required hardware

Installing the required hardware, interfacing with the AV systems (projection and sound) and establishing the network is no more complex than in any usual situations. Once up and the running, and throughout the courses of the meeting, presentation files are automatically transferred locally onto the drives of the laptop in the room. Once a file is on the local laptop, any drop in network connectivity cannot, therefore, interrupt the presentation. Slidecrew uses the computers native apps to run the presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, VLC, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)