User Manuals


Users include anyone with a user account in your event portal, from staff to speakers. Some users, such as organisers, are able to log into the portal and interact with the Programme, Files and other parts of the event portal. Others, such as speakers, have no need to log in, and will only interact with the client facing side of over event management software.

Event Portal

Slidecrew events are created and managed through an online portal.


Our Apps offer a variety of on-site functionality for your event, from a Speaker Service Centre workflow, to file distribution and digital signage.

File Management

The core purpose of the Slidecrew software is to ensure an easy, automated flow of presentation files from speakers, to the devices in the rooms they will be presenting from.


When an event programme is set up with speakers allocated to presentations, we are able to send personalised emails using a template, which includes links to individual file upload pages for each speaker.

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