Reduced Load on Venue Internet

Without the caching server, interactions between all Slidecrew devices for signage, timers, and file distribution and checking are all through the cloud. Adding a caching server to your event means it handles all your on-site interactions, reducing the required internet connectivity from every machine running slidecrew, down to just one.

Faster File Distribution

When your event is running with a caching server set up, any time a file is edited or uploaded into the system on-site, it is immediately downloaded to the right room over the local network, without having to first go through cloud storage.

Internet Downtime is not Event Downtime

If a room, or even the whole venue, is experiencing a drop in internet connectivity, an on-site caching server ensures that all devices keep syncing over the local network and running as intended, with no interruptions. Once the internet is restored, syncing with cloud storage resumes.

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