Speaker Upload Page

Speakers receive a personalised email inviting them to submit their presentation files ahead of time through a link to their unique Speaker Upload Page, showing the schedule and information for each of their upcoming presentations, with a drag-and-drop space for their files.

File Upload
Process for Speakers

Adding files to presentations will be a breeze with the integrated file upload feature.


Speakers are invited via email to upload their files ahead of time on their Speaker Upload Page


On-site, files can be checked, edited, replaced or updated at the Speaker Service Centre


Our Room Apps automatically download the most up-to-date version of presentation files to the right room

Speaker Service Center

Managing presentation files is a breeze for both speakers and organisers

Check files before your Presenting

Files uploaded to a Slidecrew event portal are scanned by our file analysis tool, giving staff and speakers a full report with general information, like slide number, aspect ratio, etc. As well as flagging potential issues, such as non-standard fonts, missing disclosure slides or embedded links.

Make edits to your files on-site

The Speaker Service Centre check-in station app allows speakers to check, make changes to, reupload or just rehearse their presentations.

For larger events, assigning speakers to stations is managed through a queue system built into the portal, and queue display to keep speakers in the loop.

On-site Apps and Tools for Speakers

The Kiosk App automatically downloads the most recent version of the relevant presentation files to the right room. It also provides a very simple interface, with event branding, allowing speakers to start their own presentations.

Additionally, a timer screen shows a countdown as the speaker starts, based on the presentation duration, and can be used by moderators to send discrete messages to the current speaker.

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