The Dashboard is the first page you will see after logging in to a Slidecrew portal and displays a selection of widgets, such as event information, upcoming presentations, an activity log, etc.

Each can be shown or hidden, depending on your preferences. To hide a widget, click the three-dot menu at the top right of each widget box, and choose the “hide widget” option.

To show a hidden widget, and to see which are available, scroll to the bottom of the page. The “Add Widgets” menu will list all available widgets that are not currently showing. If there are none there, then all either all widgets are already active on the dashboard, or you do not have access to them.

Available widgets include:

  • Event information – shows basic event information
  • Event user Activity – An activity log for all users, for example, editing or creating presentations and files
  • Tools – for now, only includes the download for the Slidecrew App launcher
  • Recent Uploads – lists the most recent files uploaded to the portal.
  • Event Days – lists the dates for the current
  • Upcoming Sessions – shows a list of the sessions coming next
  • Account Information – shows the basic information about your user account
  • Statistics – Some basic statistics about the current event, such as the number of session, presentations and files.
  • Programme Errors – lists the number of session, presentation and user errors (such as overlapping sessions, or speakers with conflicting presentation times). More details can be found in the “Programme Errors” section under the “Core” menu.
  • Queue – show the speakers currently in the queue for the speaker service centre system.
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