Email Template Editor

To set up an email template, choose “Event” from the portal header, and choose the “Email Templates” tab. Along the left side of the page will be a list of the already created templates (if any) and a red “+” button to add a new template.

The rest of the page will be the editor for the currently selected template, with the following fields and features:
  • Email name – This is the name that will be shown in the list of templates along the left side of the page and is for use within the portal only. email recipients will not see this name.Subject – The subject of the email recipients will get.From Address – The address that the email will be sent from. By default, this is a Slidecrew address but can be set to a more generic email that does not include the Slidecrew name, if opting for whitelabelling.From name – The name that recipients will see the email coming from.Reply-To address – When a recipient clicks “reply” to their email, their response goes to a slidecrew support account by default but can be forwarded to an email of your choice. We recommend using this feature to shorten the chain of communication between organisers and speakers with questionsEmail Body Editor – This is where you will draft the email for your event, using Tags (see “Tags” section below) to fill in information specific to each recipient.Sending Time – Sending of the mass email will begin at the date and time set here. We space out the sending of each email to avoid being marked as spam if, for example, several speakers use email addresses on the same mail server. Because of this, it may take some time before all emails are sent, depending on how many recipients there are, and if there are multiple emails queued up for the same day.Send Email to – This section will filter who receives the email based on their user type or “role”. For more information, please see the Users page entry. Currently, the email will always only be sent to speakers, however in future updates, the sending options will include users with the following roles for the event:
    • SpeakersTechnicians ModeratorsHostsPanel MembersAttendeesAbstract Submitter (awaiting implementation of Abstracts into the v2 Portal)E Poster Submitter (awaiting implementation of E posters into the v2 Portal)
    “Delete” button – Will delete the currently selected email template“Receive Test” button – sends an email based on the current template and its {tags} to the email address for the account you are logged in with.“Save” button – saves any changes made to the currently selected email template. please ensure that you save your progress before switching templates, leaving the page to send yourself a test email.
  • TagsTags are specific words or phrases that must be contained in a set of curly brackets (braces), which the Slidecrew system will use to fill in specific information, such as the recipient’s name or the event name. Available tags include:
  • {fullname} Full name of the recipient (e.g. John Smith){firstname} Given name of the recipient (e.g. John){lastname} Family name of the recipient (e.g. Smith){eventname} Name of the event (Advancements in Integrated Healthcare 2023){uploadlink} The URL to the upload page{presentations} The list of presentations for this user{uploadlinks} Both the upload link and the list of presentations
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