Installing, Pairing and Resetting

Installing the Apps

All Apps are launched from a single software manager, which can be downloaded from the “Tools” widget on the Dashboard.

Once the file is downloaded, run the installer. This should install the software manager to C:/slidecrew/ and should also place a shortcut on the desktop of your device.

Pairing a Device

Now the software is installed on your device, it needs to be linked to your event portal. To do this, open the software, either from your desktop shortcut or from slidecrew.exe in your C drive.

You should be presented with a black screen showing a QR code and 6 6-digit number. You can either:

  • Scan the QR code, which will take you to the portal, or
  • Go to the devices page in your portal (under the “Core” menu), and click the red “+” button to add a device.

Enter the 6-digit number into the “device code” field, choose a room for the device, then click “Add”.

Once your device has been added, you will be able to edit it from the Devices page, or the room sidebar.

Resetting a Device

Once the device is paired with an event, the software manager should show the available Apps that can be launched, sorted into various tabs. at the top right is a button for (hamburger menu icon) to open the settings menu. The second item from the top of the menu should be “Reset Device”. Clicking this button will unpair the device from the event, re-opening the QR code screen.

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