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Moderator App

In the Slidecrew system, “Moderator” also encompasses the session chair. The App is designed to provide information about the presentations, speakers and files that will be happening in the designated room.

Presentation & Speaker Info

The main area of the moderator app will list the presentations for the day that will take place in the allocated room, ordered chronologically and split by session.

Clicking on a presentation will show more information about the speakers and files uploaded to that presentation along the left side of the screen.

File Previews

When a presentation file is uploaded to the Slidecrew system, a PDF version of it is generated for the moderator App. when clicking on a presentation in the moderator app, a list of the files uploaded to it will appear at the bottom left of the screen. Clicking on one of the files will open the file in our PDF viewer so that moderators can peruse the slides.

Timer Controller

A miniature version of the room timer is available to the Moderator at the top right of the screen, with all the same controls.

See more about how the timer works in the Timer App article.

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