Portal Header & Footer

Whenever you are logged into the Slidecrew portal, the header will remain the same.

At the top left will be the Slidecrew Logo, which can be used to quickly access our website, and the event selector (or create event button)

At the centre of the Portal header will be the following menu items:

  • Dashboard – A page with widgets for getting an overview of the state of your event
  • Programme – The interactive timetable for the currently selected event
  • Core – Contains pages for managing the files, rooms, on-site devices and errors for the current event.
  • Event – Pages for providing and updating your event information and branding as well as managing your email templates
  • Users – A page for managing and adding user accounts for the event, from speakers to admin.

Even on the login page, the footer for the portal will be visible and will display information on which server you are using to access the Slidecrew portal, and the software version number. If you encounter any issues, please be sure to include this information.

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