Sessions & Presentations

A session is a block of time that contains consecutive presentations inside a room. The length of a session determines the total duration of the presentations within it, and so if a session is an hour long, and the presentations add up to 70 minutes, an error will be displayed.

On the Programme page, sessions are displayed as blocks with colour-coded labels along the left side representing presentations.

Session Sidebar

To open up the sidebar for a Session, either go to the Programme page and click on it, or use the three-dot menu from the Room’s sidebar.

The session details, such as room, date, start time, end time and style will be displayed at the top of the sidebar, with the presentations for that session listed below. You can edit this information using the pencil and paper icon, or use the three-dot menu to delete or lock editing for the session.

The sidebar is the easiest way to manage the presentations within that session, from here you can:

  • add, edit or delete presentations
  • Add or remove speakers for a presentation, using the red “+” button in the “Speakers” section.
  • Upload, delete or view information for each presentation’s files
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