A “Style” for a Slidecrew event refers to a set of custom images and colours, set by event admins, which will be applied to the client-facing sections of the software, including the speaker’s file upload pages, the on-site apps and digital signage.

Style Elements

On the “Styles” page under the Event menu, you will find a list of current event styles along the left side, with a button to add new ones. To the right will a preview of what the current settings would look like, and the customisable event elements, which currently include:

  • Event Logo – A small image that will appear on the top left of pages and apps with branding applied.
  • Event Background – a landscape background image used for pages and apps with branding. we recommend a 16:9 ratio for this.
  • Event background Portrait – a portrait background image used for pages and apps with branding. we recommend a 9:16 ratio for this.
  • Main Background – If no background image is chosen, this will be the colour used for the background area.
  • Container background – This is the colour that the container for text boxes will use in the apps and client-facing pages, such as the speaker upload page.
  • Highlights – Important text, such as the speaker’s name on the upload page, is made to stand out by using this text colour. If you would prefer to not see this change, set the highlight colour to be the same as the text colour.
  • Heading Colour – Use this to set the text colour of your heading to be different from the body.
  • Text Colour – sets the colour of the body of your text.
  • Event Font – Choose the font that will be used for all Apps and client-facing pages for your event.

You can preview changes without saving them by using the “Refresh Preview” button at the bottom of the “Event Corporate Elements” section of the page.

Style Priority

Each event can have multiple styles. So, for example, you could have an event-wide style, but also one specific to a sponsored session or room. Specific styles can be set for each:

The list above is also in order of priority. If a different style is set for a room and one of the devices (for example, see Kiosk App) that is in that room, then the style for the device will be used. If the device and the session currently running on it have different styles, then the style for the session will be used.

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