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The Software Manager

The Software Manager is your starting point for all the Apps Slidecrew has available. The Apps are split into 4 tabs, each with one or more options:

  1. Rooms
    • Technician – File distribution, managed by a room technician
    • Moderator – Session, presentation and speaker information overview for moderators
    • Timer – Automated presentation countdown timer, with manual controls
    • Kiosk – File distribution, simple interface for speakers to start their own presentations
  2. Signage
    • Room signage – Displays the upcoming sessions for the designated room
  3. Speaker Service Centre
    • Speaker Service Centre – Self-check-in station for speakers
    • SSC Queue – Queue display showing which speakers are assigned to each station, and who is still on the waiting list.
    • Server – Sets this device as the local server for the event (server license needs to be set first).
  4. Custom
    • Screen matrix – Allows for custom, multiscreen setups

Settings Menu

There is also a menu button at the top right, which gives access to a number of settings and information readouts:

  • Server License – If this device will be acting as the local server, this is where the server license key is input (currently available on the Devices page in the portal).
  • Reset Device – If a device needs to be paired to a different room or event, this is how it is reset.
  • Timer Master – If multiple devices in the same room are being used to start presentation files, only the time master will automatically trigger the countdown timer.
  • Connected Devices – a list of other devices allocated tot he same room.
  • Event Day – This is an event day switcher. It will default to the device day, but this can be overridden by selecting a different event day from the dropdown. Useful for rehearsal days to getting a headstart on downloading files for the next day.
  • Caching Location – By Default, presentation files downloaded to the device are saved in a folder on the desktop, but this can be switched to a folder in “Documents”.
  • Connection information – Some information about the device and its connection to the server.

At the bottom right of the software manager is a bell icon. When the software has been updated to a new version, there will be a notification here.

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