Timer Controller

When a presentation file is opened via one of our file distribution Apps (Kiosk or Technician) a countdown timer is automatically triggered for the duration of the presentation. This is visible at the top right of the moderator app.

There are also a number of controls available for changing the time remaining, or displaying a message on the timer screen:

  • Set time – opens a pop-up for editing the amount of time remaining
  • Clock – When no presentation is live, the current time is shown instead of the countdown. Clicking this button will force the current time to show, switching the timer between automatic and manual control
  • Auto – forces the timer back to automatic control, where the countdown will start as a presentation file is opened.
  • Message – opens a pop-up with a selection of preset messages, and a text box to type a custom message. When the “Send” button is pressed, the message will appear on the timer screen. This is intended as a way to send a message discreetly to the current presenter.
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