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Users Page

The Users tab is for managing the accounts of anyone allocated to this event, both speakers and event staff.

The page lists users of all types, showing some additional information like their email, role (at the event) and company. To the left of each user is a checkbox for selecting multiple rows to allow for bulk actions. At the moment the only bulk action is to delete the selected items, which is done using the trashcan icon at the top left.

In addition to the Search bar in the portal header, the Users page has a search bar to the right of the “Event Users” title, which will limit the list of users on the page, rather than creating a pop-up with potential matches.

Clicking on a user will open a sidebar with all their information.

User Sidebar

At the top of the sidebar will be their basic information, and below that will be each of the presentations they are assigned to. You can also download, delete and view info for each presentation’s files.

At the top of the sidebar, to the right of the user’s name and profile image are two buttons. The pencil and paper icon changes the sidebar to edit that user’s basic information, while the three-dot menu offers various options, depending on context:

  • Add to Queue – will add the user the the Speaker Service Centre queue.
  • Add to Workstation – will skip the queue and let you assign that user directly to a Speaker Service Centre Workstation
  • Send Email – will send the user an email from the “email template” page with the tags customised for them.
  • Delete User – removes the user from the database.

Adding a New User

To add a new user from this page, click one of the red “+” buttons. One is located at the top right of the page, just under the search bar, and the other is at the bottom of the list of users. There are currently two types of users you can add to the event:

  • Speaker – Does not need access to the portal, as their interactions with the platform will be through their personalised email(s), and through the on-site apps.
  • Organiser – Only an email address is needed, as this will give the holder of that email access to the event. If they do not yet have an account with Slidecrew, they will receive an email inviting them to sign up, after which they will have access to your event.

To choose an account level when creating a user, select an option from the dropdown just below the “family name” field. Although there are a number of other choices visible, the only ones currently functional are those listed above.

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