Event management portal

Set up your conference in a convenient and visually attractive way. This synoptic view includes all the details you need session names, presentation details, and speaker details and photo.

Data Import

Using pre-built APIs, Slidecrew can import the meeting program and speaker contacts, and staff list from many of the popular conference management programs, including:

EventsAir Aventri Momice Cvent Evenium

Alternatively, it is straightforward to collect the relevant data from standard format exports:



Invite speakers to submit a presentation upload  

Before the start of the conference, all speakers will receive a personalised email with a request to upload their file(s). The file(s) are uploaded to one of a number of servers that we have around the world. As the organiser, you will have a clear overview of which files have been submitted and which are still pending – allowing you to do follow-up messages if required.

Slidecrew supports most common file formats:

  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • PDF
  • ODP
  • Prezi
  • Google Slides
  • Web-based formats (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, voting or websites)
  • Video


Reduce the load on your Speaker Service Centre or Speaker Ready Room

When speakers arrive at the SSC, our team can easily find their details by typing their name into the system. We are immediately presented with their details and can quickly confirm with the speaker what presentations they have, what rooms they’re in and when. All uploaded files are scanned automatically by the system to identify common issues, such as potentially problematic video formats, incorrect screen ratio or missing fonts. This eliminates 99% of typical issues ahead of time. Speakers can make any changes required or simply step through their presentation before confirming to our team that all is good to go. The system will also register whether or not they give permission for the presentation to be recorded and/or published as PDF.


File distribution tools

Installing the required hardware, interfacing with the AV system (projection and sound) and establishing the network is no more complex than in any usual situation. Once up and running, and throughout the course of the meeting, presentation files are automatically transferred locally onto the drives of the laptop in the room. Once a file is on the local laptop, any drop in network connectivity cannot therefor interrupt the presentation. Slidecrew uses the computer’s native apps to run the presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, VLC, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)


Release forms

Request permission from speakers or attendees to use information uploaded in the web portal or recording of the presentation on the event website or for marketing purposes. It is possible to have this option in the web portal, eliminating the problem of requesting permission at a later stage or having separate release forms. Easily view who has and has not signed a release form.


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