File checking

Slidecrew will automatically scan uploaded presentation files, movies, or pdfs. The software has been designed to identify common and difficult to identify errors encountered with these files, such as incompatible formats, and problems that occur when the files are moved from one device to another, such as missing fonts. The file checking capability of the software is done in seconds and assists with time-saving and avoids stress for both presenters and organisers. All errors found can be addressed and corrected either by the speaker themselves in the portal or with the assistance of the speaker service centre in the speaker ready room before their presentation starts. Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing ahead of time that all your files will work as they were intended to.

File types

The file checking software has been designed to check:

  • Powerpoint presentation files and similar
  • Keynote files
  • PDF documents
  • Movie files and clips, both stand alone and embedded
  • Images, both stand alone and embedded
  • Audio files


Errors checking

The slidecrew file checking software currently checks for these common errors:

  • Fonts – Fonts that are not standard on all devices and are potentially not installed on the presentation
  • Large  image sizes –  Large images can slow down the presentation cause animations glitch during the presentation.
  • Video location-  If videos are present in a presentation, and on which slide, so that they can be checked to ensure that they play Identified problematic videos found in PowerPoint files can be automatically converted within the Slidecrew portal to fix issues and convert unusual codecs back to mp4.
  • Video file type – Identified videos can be converted to MP4 to avoid issues in playing the videos during presentations.
  • Video/Audio –  flagged video and audio files are checked to ensure audio is present and compatible.
  • External linked (files) – The filescan will check for externally linked (files). This will ensure sure that missing video files are discovered. Potential safety issues within PowerPoint are also detected.
  • Hidden slides – The filescan will report if any slides are hidden.
  • Aspect ratio – The aspect ratio of all files is checked for compatibility with the settings of the room.


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